Elisabeth Frankish

This was a fascinating tour. Previously I had not understood the relationship between the Australasian Plate and the Pacific Plate, but now I do because I have seen and touched the collision zone of the two continents at Gaunt Creek with Alpine Fault Tours. Great for all ages.

Caitlin Goodall

Had a great time on the Alpine Fault Tours today. The information was really interesting, its even still good in the rain. :-)

Benjamin Webb

*5star* Fantastic if you’re interested in geography, nature and anything to do with the outdoor world!

Amazing to see the fault up close and an informative tour given by the owners of the company, highly recommend for people who want to investigate plate tectonics

Hamish Campbell

Dear Gray and Vicki,

Terrific! And very professional.

Many thanks for your company last Monday. That was a highlight for all 6 of us.

The rest of our excursion went very well indeed. No problems and perfect timing.

John Fegyveresi

This was an awesome little tour stop for us. We both geeked out took a ton of pictures. We had fun jumping between “land masses” and playing games across tectonic plates. I mean, who wouldn’t right? So glad we were able to find this little gem. If you’re thinking of going on this tour, I highly recommend it.

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Mark N – Trip Advisor

An enjoyable tour and not something you see every day!

This is a very friendly and professional tour, a short trip on a bus followed by a walk to see the fault. Along the way and once there the scenery is awesome. Our guide explained everything very well and we found the trip very enjoyable and educational.

01Donala – Trip Advisor

Awesome experience

Brilliant tour, unique occurance, highly informative, very friendly guides. An unmissable experience whilst in the area. Thankyou

Julian Thomson, Educational outreach officer for GNS Science.
“It is absolutely exciting when you’re there, to be able to stand with one foot on either plate”

Cade G Trip Advisor

Excellent tour of an exposed plate boundary

Beautiful scenery on the way to the exposed Australian and Pacific plate boundary. My wife and I are both Geo’s so we enjoyed the educational aspect of the tour. But you do not need to have a geological background to appreciate the significance of the site or the natural beauty of the surrounding area.